Monday, June 18, 2012

"Watching... with millions of questions..."

Funny thing: I've thought about blogging quite a bit lately and actually began a post about a week ago, but then got into conversation about the topic in mind (South and/vs North India/ns, in short) and decided it was far too much to be digested into a blog post at the moment. heh... In any case, hello to all; still alive and well. Most recently, I've kept myself busy driving out to Bangalore for a weekend wedding and later making a day-trip to Mahabalipuram, a little over an hour south of Chennai and home to Pallavan Dynasty temples (roughly 700 BCE) now listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The town also tends to serve as an escape for those feeling otherwise trapped in Chennai, but for now I focused on the UNESCO side of things.

What finally pushed me into this post, however, is something much simpler and briefer: a Facebook comment (shake your head in disappointment if you will). After seemingly perusing my latest photos from "Mahabs," a friend turned to photos posted a year ago, while I was working in Denmark. He asked where it was and a few basic cultural questions, and I responded. Then he said something which, once I got over the potential creepy sound of it, was rather interesting: "You became [a] very knowledgeable girl. That is good. When I met you first time, you were a little girl, which eyes were watching the surrounding with millions of questions. Now you are not anymore that little girl. Hahaha" ...I met him in the winter of 2009.

Keeping it brief, for the sake of efficiency and in the interest of sleep: I sincerely hope we can all still be described as having eyes that watch our surroundings with millions of questions. ...that, at least, I hope I've maintained, and strive to maintain. Thank goodness there's always more to be seen, and always more to be asked. Otherwise, we might as well be in a Simon and Garfunkel song, eh?

As for things I've had the pleasure of seeing recently, though, the online albums as they currently stand: a few Bangalore photos have been added to the recent Chennai album uploads, and Mahabs called for its own album entirely. Passing an elephant on the road back from Bangalore, however, had to be one of my favorite moments. heh...

Chennai/Bangalore: online album here
Mahabalipuram: and here

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