Monday, April 16, 2012

A snapshot of Bombay

Ok, so I've got a brief check-in at the home base of Chennai - just returned from Bombay this afternoon, met up with a friend this evening, and heading back north to Hyderabad for a few days as of tomorrow (Monday) night. For now, just sharing a small taste of the lively metropolis of Mumbai. Coastal views, Bandra Fort, the tourist-covered Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace, etc. Note:

a.I've chosen to title the post with "Bombay" rather than "Mumbai" as many from the city continue to use the former. Funny, isn't it - no matter how many dictates we may make, the actual implementation is up to the people (well, you know. "The people."). Will opt out of babbling about naming politics at the moment, but it's interesting stuff to check up on for anyone interested, and certainly not just in India. Eg. Israel and the revival of Hebrew.

b.What is more familiarly dubbed Bandra Fort was originally the Portuguese Castella de Aguada (1640). Particularly intriguing: in a bid to conserve the area (Bandra is in the midst of rather high-end development, home to Bollywood stars and plenty of shopping and good food), an outdoor amphitheater has been created. Rather beautiful, when you're not stumbling upon one of the numerous young couples in search of privacy. ...ahem.

c.Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace photos taken by Rahil Fernandes, given custody of my camera while we played tourists for the afternoon. He was, after all, stuck with custody of me for the day; I thought it best to throw the camera in with the deal. Find him here- writing and photos worth a gander.

d.Kebab, paneer, mango lassi, and good company at Leo's, not far from the Gateway and Taj (Colaba area). Partnered with this, a book recommendation: Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. It's a bit of a tome of a book, but never dull. Vibrant characters in a vibrant city. We're somewhat tough literary critics, so a friend and I granted it a very noble 8/10.

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