Sunday, December 19, 2010

"This is my letter to the world..."

Blogging is a curious beast. Just the other day, I received a mysterious email from someone reportedly on the promotions team at CSN stores, somehow interested in my blog (though I'm curious as to which she's referring to) and commenting on the possibility of my doing a review of a product or some such thing... the insanity of research paper deadlines and other matters whirling about in my head has since prevented response, but intriguing/odd nonetheless.

More than that, however, is the intrigue of the fact that people do just run into things semi-randomly while cruising around the wonder of the internet. Take this, for instance: according to the blog stats here, this week the blog received about 3 times the number of page views from Germany than it did from the US. Finding this, admittedly, I'm terribly curious as to how that came about (really, how goes it, Germany? I should be in your area for the summer - any tips?). My initial doubt about blogs, frankly, was the potential for total self-involvement, pending how one chooses to use it... but then there are so many fantastic pros to it, an open letter to anyone who comes across it and is inspired to comment, carry on the conversation, etc.

Emily Dickinson famously wrote "This is my letter to the world/ that never wrote to me...." There's a certain undeniable power to it, this 21st century ability for anyone to write their own digitized letter to the world, but more importantly, the opportunity to interact with the world through the same medium - it can read your letter, and write back if it so chooses. Wonderful.

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